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Reduce churn with a dedicated cancellation flow

Every subscription business must have a cancellation flow, but you probably never spent too much time thinking about it, right?
Our users experience on average a 20% improvement of their churn rate.

You are probably losing customers now and you don't even know why

The first step to fixing any problem is identifying it. Understand why your customers are leaving and make them targeted offers to get them to stay.

You could easily improve your LTV with a single click

Did you know that annual plans are 70% less likely to churn? With a smart strategy you can upgrade your monthly customers to annual customers to increase your cashflow and your customer lifetime value.

There are upsell opportunities that your are not capturing

Some of your customers would love to upgrade to an higher plan if they just got an offer. Easily score your "hot" customers and make them upsell offers.

Improve your MRR without getting more customers

You have already sold your value to your current customers, so why not work more on them? We already now why, because you are busy, don't worry, leave the boring work to us.

With a 8 minutes investment, you could start earning more now

Cut churn by 20%, improve LTV and ARPA all with a single script that does even more, like prompting delinquent users to update their card or lock out cancelled users.

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Reduce churn
Understand why your customers are leaving and how to keep them
Improve LTV
Make strategic offers to upgrade your customers to annual plans
Increase ARPA
Identify the right customers to upgrade to higher plans