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So, how's it work?

Sync your revenue and acquisition data sources to our audit tool and you're done (usually takes about 90 seconds). You'll receive access to a fully customized assessment in your inbox same-day.

Get benchmarked against 500+ successful SaaS businesses across 17 vital KPIs

Uncover the areas hindering your growth and their potential impact to your revenue

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All your doubts, answered. Hopefully...

If you're hesitating, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
I've got data concerns... Is my data safe?

Yes, it's safe. When you connect your live data sources, you're agreeing to a 1-time read-only sync. The moment your report is created, we no longer have access to view your data. A snapshot of your non-personal operational data is fully anonymized and utilized to improve the quality of our benchmarks - this is how we ensure data is hyper accurate and constantly updated.

Why's it free? There's no such thing as free lunch...

We're on a mission to create systems and technologies that allow founders to monitor and grow their SaaS businesses on autopilot. Yes, you will receive some marketing emails from us informing you about our new software products but you can always unsubscribe and we'll never both you again. Pinky swear.

What data sources do I need to connect?

Unlike other SaaS audit forms and calculators, we deal with live acquisition and revenue data. We do this because well, do you know what your Expansion ARR was from Q1 2021? No, didn't think so ;). The audit sign up takes a matter of 90 seconds. We ask that you sync 1 revenue source (e.g. Stripe) and one acquisition source (e.g. Google Analytics). You'll see a full list of available data sources upon sign-up.

Where does the benchmark data come from?

In short, the benchmark data is fully anonymized and sourced from the founders and companies who complete the audit. By utilizing live data and not self-reported data, we ensure that data is accurately reflected and not inflated, fluffed, or duffed. We routinely do internal spot checks of the benchmark data and compare it against 3rd party's for accuracy.

What's a growth blocker? How do you identify them?

There are plenty of factors that contribute to a business failing: depleted finances, founder burn out, changes in the industry/economy, and general market downturns. But we believe many of the hidden factors that kill off businesses, aka growth blockers, can be identified and addressed by doing some objective analysis of key financial and acquisition data. Our goal is to provide you with the map and equipment, you'll still have to climb the mountain.

Who made this?

This audit tool was made by a couple of easy going SaaS founders who originally built Sturppy.com - a financial modeling & planning tool for founders. We're now working on building our second product, LlamaFi. If you're still unsure we're real humans, you can check out our Twitter's here & here.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact John from the team directly at -john.ladaga@llamafinancial.com. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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