What is Churn?
Filippo Burattini
1 minute

Churn is the number of people that cancel a subscription over a certain period of time. Churn is probably the single most important metric a subscription business needs to monitor, since it reflects your product-market-fit, the perceived-value of your product, the onboarding experience and so much more.
Churn should be tracked since the very early stage of the company and not just the percentage number, but the reasons for churn too.

How to improve the churn rate?

There are many ways to improve your churn rate, and we have a complete article on that topic. But very quickly you should first understand why your users are churning, identify the related area (product, onboarding, customer support) and then act on that. Then you should try to win-back lost customers, address customers before they even churn and prevent them from churning via in-app offers.

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