Automate your subscription business growth

LlamaFi combines revenue automation, expense management, and subscription analytics under a single roof. Combat churn, boost LTV, increase site traffic, and slash expenses - connect the apps you already use and get setup in under 5 minutes.

What gets measured gets improved

LlamaFi analyzes every transaction where money and customers are flowing in and out of your business to extract the insights you need to make decisions that drive MRR growth.

You're only looking at 1/3rd of the full picture.

By combining acquisition, revenue, and expense data into a single source of truth we’re able to help you understand where you’re great and where you’re not in real time.

See where your efforts are paying off and adjust your strategy.

Tracking and reporting metrics is just the start...taking action is what moves the needle for your growth. We at LlamaFi ensure that every report and every alert is easy to understand and actionable.

The secret to your growth is in the data you're overlooking.

By combining all your data sources you unlock the ability to discover insights that could be hindering your growth. These insights are often missed by tools like Chartmogul and Baremetrics.

The median SaaS business loses 10% of its revenue to churn.

Understanding the reasons for churn enables a SaaS business to conduct better churn analysis, mitigate churn, increase customer retention, and consequently increase revenue.

Companies that invest in RevOps experience 2.7x more revenue growth

Experience a 15% lift on profitability and increase revenue velocity with less overhead.

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Make business decisions that help you grow. With data that actually matters.

Auto-detect annomalies
Flag only the most critical anomalies across your data.
Reports you can understand
Our reports have no fluff. They're straight to the point and actionable.
Reduce your churn
Automatically reduce cancellations, optimize pricing, and increase CSAT.